AI Auto-Contouring for Radiotherapy

St Luke’s Radiation Oncology Network (SLRON) has introduced a state-of-the-art took know as AI Auto-Contouring, developed by MVision.  This innovative software functions as a highly skilled assistant, utilising artificial intelligence to precisely map out both cancerous and healthy tissue areas.  This aids our team in planning optimal personalised treatments swiftly and accurately.


Previously, this was a long and labour intensive process, with each image slice of a patients CT scan being manually contoured often taking hours per patient.  Now, with the aid of AI Auto-Contouring, a fully contoured scan is produced in just 5 minutes, ready to be reviewed and approved by both our Radiation Therapists and Consultant Radiation Oncologists.

Employing this tool streamlines the treatment planning process, ensures that every patients treatment plan adheres to the highest standards of care and reduces the waiting time for treatment plans.  This ultimately means patients can spend less time waiting for treatment and more time on their journey to recovery.


The Friends of St Luke’s are delighted to have funded this initiative  – thank you to all our fundraisers who have supported this and are continuing to enable us to transform cancer care at St Luke’s!