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Elisabeth Clarke M.I.H.C of Beginning to End Hypnosis is offering clients Stop Smoking Hypnosis at her new clinic in Wesland Row.  10% of the cost of each Stop Smoking Session will be donated to St Luke's!

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Here's the deal. To put it simply there are two different parts of your mind that are at war with each other here. The part of you that wants to do the right thing and stop is the conscious part of your mind.The part of you that doesn't want to stop is the subconscious part of your mind.  Whenever there is a battle between these two parts ,guess which one will win every time?. Yep, anytime there is a conflict between these two,the subconscious part will win every time.

If that part of your mind doesn't want to stop smoking then that part will do everything in its power to make sure you continue to keep smoking. It will create fear, anxiety and pile cravings upon cravings to make sure you do what it wants. It will bring a constant stream of thoughts and images of cigarettes to your mind until you give in to its demands to pick up a cigarette, light it, inhale it and get that quick fix of nicotine into your lungs and bloodstream. Only then will it be quiet and silent. That is until that part of you feels that it's time again for you to have another cigarette, perhaps an hour or two hours later.

 In order to understand why a part of your mind behaves like this it makes sense to go back to the first cigarette you ever took. Most people are offered their first cigarette by someone they know, and they usually take it for a bit of fun or to see what it feels and tastes like. There was no intention of putting themselves in any danger,they were just curious and young and didn't know any better. Danger didn't come into it.. After all it was just one or two cigarettes they had and they could take or leave it at that stage or so they thought. Then came the third and fourth.. And without even being aware of it they were already well on their way to becoming dependant on that cigarette. They just didn't know it at the time. There was no warning bell or alarm that sounded off  to let you know that you were now becoming dependant on that cigarette so that  part of your mind that still  wants to continue to smoke still doesn't realise that it is doing you harm. It didn't get the same message your brain sends to you when you accidentally touch something that's hot and can burn you.It got no message when you took the first second and third cigarette that it was a danger to your health and perhaps it took many many years before you yourself  realised with your conscious mind how damaging it is.

So now you consciously realise how bad smoking is for you but that other part of you hasn't caught on yet, the part of you that wins the battles every time you try to stop. All this part  really needs is to be brought up to speed on how things are and to be alerted that it's  causing you to do something that can really seriously damage you and your health and may even cause death. Once it knows and accepts the real truth of the situation both parts of your mind can agree and there is no more conflict. When both parts of you want the same thing there is peace and resolution and the feeling of being torn in two disappears , the craving for a cigarette evaporates .

Below is a table outlining the Top five methods for stopping smoking as taken from the "New Scientists Journal" 1992.

METHOD                                  SUCCESS RATES
Hypnosis                                  80%
Chantix/ Champex Tablets.      40%
Acupuncture.                            24%
Will power.                                6-11%

References: New Scientists Journal. Issue 1845.31
October 1992. P.6
Schiffmans's Study
Hypnosis as can be seen is by far the most effective way of stopping smoking. It is the most successful because it works with that part of your mind that is keeping the habit going. The part of your mind that can make you feel like you are being torn both ways. It can be resolved easily and naturally without chemicals or nicotine replacements using the power of both parts of your mind , the conscious and the subconscious parts.

Author. : Elisabeth Clarke M.I.C.H.P
Phone:   01-2549155


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