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You can set up your personal online fundraising page for The Friends of St Luke's at  and

You can choose which service you wish to use.

Pages can be set up for any event taking place where you are raising funds for The Friends of St Luke's including Flora Women's Mini Marathon, Breffni Challenge, Coffee Mornings, Head Shaves etc.






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Just go to which fundraising service you choose or you will then be brought through a short sequence where you can :

  • Choose your Charity - The Friends of St Luke's
  • Choose your event and name
  • Fill in some details about your fundraising page name and how much money you want to raise.

That's it! Now you just e-mail the link for your page to everyone that you think might like to sponsor you.

 It takes less then 5 minutes, and hey presto your fundraising page is live for all to see and donate to.  Now you can just sit back and watch the sponsorship roll in!! The monies raised will be transferred straight through to us, The Friends of St Luke's. You can choose to be notified by e-mail every time someone sponsors you or you can just check back on the site every so often to see how quickly your sponsorship amount is growing!

  • The benefits to you are:
  • Minimal effort for you – 5 minutes to set up the fundraising page and send out the e-mail.
  • No sponsorship cards
  • No contacting potential sponsors individually
  • No counting cash
  • No chasing cash from sponsors
  • No storing cash
  • No lodging cash
  • Ability to reach sponsors overseas
  • Ability to over achieve on your fundraising target – your page is still there for potential sponsors when you have stopped actively fundraising, or even after your event!!


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