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Charles from is donating to the St Luke's Patient Christmas Hamper Fund  - €50 for every pair of handmade Italian leather shoes bought before the 15th December or €120 if you buy two pairs!!!  Go on you deserve to treat your feet!

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Cancer is insidious and it affects us all…. Think about that, mother, father, friend, relative. We all know someone. 

It traumatises, it’s frightening, it destroys lives, it devastates families to the brink of collapse. 

Patients undergoing cancer treatment can be put under extreme financial pressure, especially at Christmas. The Patient Christmas Hamper Fund can alleviate some of that stress on families by providing funds for food, toys for the children and little extra treats to make Christmas special for them and their families.

40 years ago, David died of lung cancer leaving a family of five. The youngest being 11. This is not just a story of 40 years ago, it is repeated many times over, every year, throughout Ireland.  The hidden price of cancer is poverty: 40 years ago, David’s daughter recognised what devastation was reeked on families when a mother, father, or child becomes seriously ill.  She could see the destruction to family and knew what it felt like. Normal people, normal lives… adrift and barely coping. So, with St. Luke’s she drafted her friends and friends of friends to ensure families were supported every Christmas.

I found out about the St. Luke’s Hamper Appeal 25 years ago.. They are a powerhouse of goodwill, kindness and the most giving people I have ever known.   Quite simply they work all year to provide help to the families who have lost or are losing someone, to this disease. 

In the beginning ambulance drivers, St. Luke’s staff, my company and others would drop much needed food and small toys and gifts to those affected over Christmas.  

Children, whose expectations were managed down to nothing, were bright eyed by the visit and happy with the simplest toy or Christmas cracker.. When I got involved I had my companies drivers to collect donations of food and toys for distribution. Now, with Covid, there is little room for this seasonal request.  

Every year, in association with The Friends of St. Luke’s Cancer Care, there are planned events, bag packing and corporate pleading to raise funds.  

This year there are no events, businesses are struggling, many are closed.. We need Your help!..This year more mothers, fathers and children are incapacitated and more families are on the breadline. 

So, I was thinking what I can do this year!!  

With lockdowns, business is very slow, most of the corporates are being inundated with requests and I have a stack of unsold beautiful handmade men’s shoes! 

To the 15th of December anyone who buys a pair of shoes from a donation of €50 will be made, in your name, to the St. Luke’s hamper appeal; if you buy a second pair a donation of €120 will be made.  

This fundraising initiative is in full cooperation and under supervision from the St. Luke’s Christmas Hamper Appeal and The Friends of St. Luke’s. All money raised goes directly to those patients of St. Luke’s Hospital in Rathgar who need it.

Take a walk on the wild side this Christmas and help us out.   

 If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email to

Thank you all.



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